Cosmetologists Needed for Hospice Patients

You can make a difference!

The hospice volunteer experience is like no other. The gift of being present in practical, personal ways is immensely powerful for both the dying person and the volunteer.

If you have a desire to share your time and talent with hospice patients, please join us for a virtual information session with Lifespark Hospice. 

A good hair day can make all the difference – even for the dying”

~Katie Uphus, Lifespark Hospice

Katie Uphus is the Volunteer Manager for Lifespark Hospice. She’s passionate about senior care and hospice care that help clients make the most of the end of their lives.

Lifespark has been providing whole-person senior care in the Twin Cities metro area for over 17 years.  Lifepsark’s approach contrasts with the current health care system, which is mainly focused on physical health, largely ignoring the emotional and social support that’s essential for well-being. Lifespark’s whole-person approach goes beyond typical care to help clients live a life filled with passion and purpose.

Salon and Spa professionals like you bring an important facet of this work to life by giving hospice patients an opportunity to look and feel their best at this sacred time of life because a good hair day can make all the difference – even for the dying.

Lifespark’s partnership with the Salon and Spa Professionals Association allows both organizations to deepen our community engagement by contributing to the well-being of our cherished elders.

Note: If you live outside the Twin Cities and would like to get involved in serving hospice patients or seniors, Katie can guide you to opportunities in your area.

Contact Katie Uphus at 952.737.4338 or [email protected]