For individuals with autism or sensory processing difficulties, a visit to the hair salon is a disruption to the daily routine and can lead to increased feelings of anxiety. The visit itself also
includes a variety of potentially challenging sensory stimuli like the sounds of the electric clippers, the overhead lights, the feel of hairs tickling the back of the neck, and the smells
of the hair products. Individuals with sensory dysfunction may have more difficulty completing their daily hair care routines which makes them more susceptible to matted hair which can become painful. All these things combine to make a haircut experience difficult for those with sensory dysfunction. Fraser offers training and certification in sensory awareness to salons and salon professionals.

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You can customize your training to address specific client needs with our three
services tiers and add-on components.

Fraser Sensory Certification is led by a licensed occupational therapist, Gina Gibson. Gina and her Fraser colleagues have studied sensory processing and how sensory dysfunction impacts daily life. As healthcare professionals, they are uniquely qualified to understand and
support individuals who have difficulty with sensory processing. Our experts can help you or your business by providing comprehensive consultations, training, and strategies that support a variety of environments.

When you partner with Fraser, you are opening your doors to more members of the community. This can increase your revenue potential by expanding your client base. It also highlights your commitment to inclusivity and accessibility within the community.

We will work with you to develop a plan that makes your business more sensory-friendly. Fraser Sensory Certification is a collaborative, ongoing partnership customized to fit the needs of your business. There are three Fraser Sensory Certification tiers:
Tier 1: Sensory-Aware Consultation is a one-time consultation where we give input and strategies to expand upon existing inclusive opportunities or provide strategies your organization can implement on its own.
Tier 2: Sensory-Friendly Training provides more in-depth staff training and/or assists with the development of sensory-friendly programming or events.
Tier 3: Fraser Sensory CertifiedTM Education trains all your staff in accommodating individuals with sensory processing challenges during everyday business operations, beyond specific sensory-friendly events.

For more information, contact Gina Gibson at 612-798-8323 or [email protected].

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