Member Benefits with Moolah Payments

Run your business with Moolah

SSPA has partnered with Moolah Payments to provide members discounted processing rates for your business.

Moolah’s unique approach to credit card processing include:

  • Ability to accept all major credit and debit cards
  • Personalized and stress-free setup
  • Friendly, US-based customer service around the clock
  • Easy-to-use payment gateway/virtual terminal
  • Robust online access to account statements and reports
  • 24-48 hour deposits in your bank account

Financial Technology Includes

  • Mobile Swipers
  • Whether you’re at a quarterly luncheon or on the floor of a conference, we’ve got you covered. With Moolah, all you will need is a cell phone and our card reader to process transactions on the fly!
  • Credit Card Terminals
  • Do you run a store? Or maybe you have a lot of face-to-face transactions? No problem. Moolah can equip you with easy-to-use terminals that are reliable and efficient.
  • Virtual Terminals
  • Don’t need that clunky terminal? Our plug and play card readers are great for swiping right through your computer. Simply bring your laptop and hook into the wireless network at your event and off you go!
  • Gift Cards
  • Create your own customized gift cards to build brand awareness for your association!

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