CORE: Health, Safety, Infection Control, Laws & Rules CE Courses

Introducing CORE Continuing Education for Licensees!


Are you committed to health, safety, and professional licensing in Minnesota? Look no further than our comprehensive training courses, meeting state requirements for continuing education in Health, Safety, Infection Control, and Law and Rule.

  • Basic Introduction to Disease and Infections:
    • Understand infection control fundamentals and safety techniques.
    • Practical tips for preventing infectious diseases and creating a safe environment.
  • Minnesota Cosmetology Law and Rule Training
    • Learn specific laws, licensing requirements, and professional conduct
    • Ensure compliance with manufacturer directions and scope of practice
  • Infection Control
    • Practices and protocols to prevent infections among clients and staff
    • Cleaning, disinfection, and personal hygiene measures for a safe environment
  • Workplace Safety:
    • Proper handling and storage of chemicals to prevent exposure.
    • Fire safety measures and handling sharp objects responsibly.

Dive into our specialized training course focused on protecting the salon environment. Enhance infection control practices, prioritize safety, and ensure compliance with regulations. Join us to create a safe, healthy, legally compliant salon or spa.

“I’m taking an active role for the safety of myself and my clients.”
“Getting better on disinfecting all my tools and educating my help.”


 Options for you:  In-person, Virtual LIVE, Online Self-paced 24/7

Look at your salon with new eyes after taking this course!  FAQ

REGISTRATION FOR All classes are available through our calendar page

In YOUR Salon Course -  Please call us at 952-925-9731 for details and special pricing for in-salon classes.

Join and SAVE!  $15 discount on in-person CORE: Health, Safety, Infection Control, Laws and Rules Class as well as discounts on other classes, and as a member you can SAVE on education and events all year long!

Others may offer this class for less. Be aware of what you are getting for the price.  SSPA's goal is for you to learn and receive your continuing education credits in an informative, interactive, and challenging.

In-person classes are back at the SSPA location in Bloomington, MN, Beauty Craft Maplewood and Minnetonka, MN, and CosmoProf Duluth, MN.  Please see our calendar of events for a complete list of dates and locations.

Cancellations: A $25 administrative fee will be applied to all cancellations up to 14 days prior to class.  Cancellations less than 14 days prior to class will forfeit the class fee.  SSPA reserves the right to cancel classes that do not have sufficient enrollment or due to inclement weather. We will be happy to move you to a different location and/or date without a cancellation fee (transfers from face-to-face to online classes or vice versa are not possible).  Cancellation Policy.

Reissue of Proof of Attendance: A copy of your proof of attendance can be ordered by calling our office at 952.925.9731. There is a $25 fee to issue a verified copy of your original attendance record for in-person classes.
Email: [email protected]