Cosmetology Continuing Education Credits FAQ

Q. What cosmetology licenses require continuing education credits for relicensure?

A. Only cosmetologist, estheticians and nail technician operator and manager licenses require continuing education credits to renew. 

Q. I have an Esthetics license and a Nail Technician license that each renew in a different year.  Do I need to take the class for each license?

A. No. The class credits are good for three years and will cover your second operator or manager license.

Q. My license renews two or three years from now. Should I take the class now?

A. Yes. If you take the class now the credits will be valid for your license renewal.  The class must be taken within three years of your license renewal.

Q. I'm not licensed, but, I'm a salon owner.  Can I take the class?

A. Yes. Although you are not required by law to take the class, we recommend that you do to better understand infection control, safety and laws and rules that govern the industry in Minnesota.

Q.  I just graduated from cosmetology school and am newly licensed, do I need the class?

A.  Yes, you will need to take a health, safety, sanitation, laws & rules for relicensure class before your first renewal.

Q. Is the CE class available online?

A. Yes, SSPA offers an on-demand online version.  The course is available 24/7, you may stop and start the program and you have 30 days to complete the course to receive your completion certificate.

Q. How often and what locations do you offer in-person classes?

A. SSPA offers classes weekly are varied locations.  Please refer to our calendar of events for complete list of dates and locations.

Q.  What if I loose or misplace my certificate of completion?

A.  SSPA can provide a verified copy of your certificate for an in-person course for a small fee of $25.  If you take our online course, you can log back in and print your certificate at any time, at no charge.

Q. What happens if I sign up for an in-person class and I need to change to a different date and/or location?

A. SSPA will move you to another date and/or location one time at no charge.  Please note that this only applies to a change that is made prior to the date of the original class.  No shows the day of class will forfeit the registration and will need to re-register.