At the forefront of legislative advocacy in Minnesota, the Salon & Spa Professional Association (SSPA) proudly serves as the collective voice for all matters related to cosmetology at the State Capitol. With roots tracing back to our inception in 1924, we have consistently led efforts to elevate and progress the cosmetology profession. This commitment extends to close collaboration with key regulatory bodies such as the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology (MBC).

Our track record speaks volumes:

  • Spearheading the establishment of the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology, shifting cosmetology regulation from an ineffective Department of Commerce division to an independent, responsive state board inclusive of licensed cosmetology representatives.
  • Implementing continuing education mandates for practitioners, ensuring ongoing professional development, and enhancing program integrity.
  • Successfully negotiating reasonable practitioner license fee adjustments.
  • Providing critical input to shape regulatory frameworks, including revisions to sweeping rules in 2015 and the development of specific regulations for advanced practice aestheticians and mobile salons.
  • Organizing annual "Day on the Hill" events, facilitating direct engagement between cosmetologists and key legislators to advocate for industry interests. Additionally, we empower members to communicate with lawmakers through grassroots lobbying efforts when necessary.

SSPA's legacy of effective representation speaks volumes. However, our impact relies on the collective support of our members. Your voice matters, and it can only be amplified through active participation in SSPA. Join us in ensuring the continued effectiveness and success of our industry. It's a decision that benefits your career, your business, and our collective future. JOIN SSPA today!