Charging your Worth - Adding Value to Every Service

Charging your Worth - Adding Value to Every Service

Joseph Pine and James Gilmore in their book, The Experience Economy share “customers don’t want choices; they just want exactly what they want”. If we compare our work to talented Performers whose job is to “draw people in, amaze them, and then ask for money”, we illuminate the value of an experience that they will always remember. I am always amazed at witnessing the value of changing a seemingly “difficult” customer into a happy and grateful human when they are given exactly what they wanted. When we ask ourselves, “what experiences are my customers receiving that add value”? We essentially are asking “am I charging for the experience that my customers are wanting, and that I am providing”? If I am than what can I do to increase the value of their experience, or increase my price?

Admittedly, the customer experience is different than it was ten years ago. Today customers come because they have seen our work on Instagram instead of only by word of mouth. They look at our service menu online to see if they “belong”. Do you only offer “Men” and “Women’s” services? Is the service they need even on your service menu”? And finally, customers only come back when you “invite” them back for another wonderful experience. What rituals do you have around inviting them back? It all comes back to “the experience”. As we create a beauty experience, history reminds us that “economic progress consists of charging a fee for what once was free” (Pine & Gilmore). Create and experience your customers will always remember. Smile and be kind, “do the damn thing” to use popular jargon and increase your net worth. Cheers! To an industry that values the business of beauty.

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