4 Ways to Market Your Salon Online

4 Ways To Market Your Salon Online

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As it is known, the hair salon industry is very competitive, and without a good marketing strategy, it might be challenging to attract new customers. Since there are so many hair salons to choose from, why should the customer choose you? What makes you special? Here are four easy marketing tips that will help you to differentiate your salon from the competitors, and get the customers to come your way:

1. Take high-quality photos of your work
If you see your salon business as a high quality or potentially trendy, and modern salon, it is very important to focus on high-quality pictures. Take the time to invest in a professional grade camera, lighting, and maybe even a graphic designer to edit the photos to appeal better to your target audience. You should also consider doing before and after photos that showcase how you have transformed your client with your amazing stylist expertise.

2. Get your customers involved and engaged
Set up a loyalty rewards program that requires your customers to share your salon’s social media handles online. By doing, you can increase customer retention as well as utilizing your customer base for online free word-of-mouth advertising. Not only will your clients feel obligated to share their experiences online, but they will take the pride in knowing they will receive loyalty points or bonuses which will bring them back to your salon. Create a selfie station in your salon where customers can take their own selfies of their hair, makeup, or nails. Put your logo on a cute, creative, banner and let them spread how awesome your salon is -- without you having to lift a finger. Read more about the Salon Loyalty Program.

3. Create an awesome landing page or website
Your clients expect for you to have a website, and if you do not,  that speaks volumes about your brand in a way that is inefficient. Invest money in a website and landing page so that your customers can utilize to gain more information from you. Please keep in mind that this will also allow you to appear in Google search results, and it is very beneficial to you especially for localized searches. If you need any help with creating an attractive website, click here to read more.

4. Create targeted Facebook ads
Create compelling and interactive Facebook ads that will grab the attention of your target audience. On Facebook, you can refine the criteria of the ads to show up in the feeds of your target audience in the area your salon resides. If your ads are compelling enough, you should see an increase in your inquiries as well as salon appointments. Strategize and research effective and creative advertisements for salon businesses.

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