6 Tips to Achieving a Great Website Design

6 Tips to Achieving a Great Website Design

A website for your salon is a great tool for you to use to attract potential clients. Think of it as an extension to your business; what online visitors see could be what establishes your credibility as a professional. You want your online presence to be reflective of the brand you’ve created in-house. You wouldn't want a potential customer to walk into your salon and think it’s a complete mess, chances are they’ll turn around and walk out the door. Same goes for your website. To avoid that from happening, we’ve put together some tips and tricks from our ebook, The Easy Peasy Guide to Having a Killer Website, to make sure your website has a great design that truly represents your brand.



1. Have a clean logo that links. Your logo is your brand. You want to make sure your logo is on your website and that it links back to your homepage.

2. Use one primary color and one secondary color. You don’t want your website looking like crayola exploded on it. Keep your color scheme to 2-3 colors throughout. Use the right font for what your company is about. For example, if your company is selling arts and crafts, it is okay to use a more decorative font . However, if your company is a law office you may want a more stern and simple font like Helvetica. Remember though, just like colors, do not overuse fonts. If you want to use a fun font, stick to one fun font and one basic font like Times New Roman or Helvetica. Also, only use 2-3 different fonts per website. 1 font is good, 4 fonts is ugly.

3. Text size is important.

Larger text size usually indicates a heading or a new subject on that page. For content, use a font size of at least 12. This allows for all ages of your audience to be able to read what is on your webpage. But don’t go crazy with font size. You want to have a max of 3 font sizes on your site. A size for headings, a size for subheadings and a size for body.

4. Do not overcrowd it. Don’t make it look like you’re selling ad space on your site by having pictures everywhere. Pictures are great, however, having too many pictures is bad for business. Keep your site clean and professional to attract the most customers. Don’t get too wordy. Consumers do not like to read long paragraphs, and search engines know this. Keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Use numbered lists and bullet points where you can. The simpler you can make the information, the more likely your consumers will actually read it.

5. Explore some whitespace. Don’t think that you need to cover every part of your site with pictures or copy. Leave some space. This allows the visitor to “breathe” and puts the focus on what you really want to highlight on your page.

6. Make your site responsive. Be sure that your site looks good on mobile devices, laptops and tablets. More and more people are using mobile devices to browse websites and buy products. Vendor site templates are all built to be responsive, but not all site templates are the same.

To learn more about having a website that will optimize your business, check out our ebook, The Easy Peasy Guide to Having a Killer Website.

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