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Salons have closed! Owners and licensed professionals are worried, even wondering how they will survive. We understand your concerns and would like to offer up some ideas. These are intended to help you focus on the things you have control over and do during this time. 

Go into the salon, if you have access, and clean and disinfect like never before. Here are a few suggestions, you get the idea?

  • Break room
  • Drawers
  • All surfaces
  • Bathroom
  • Dispensary
  • Tools and equipment
  • Front desk and phone
  • Re-decorate, re-model or re-pair the salon.

Let’s prepare to hit the road running when you return to the salon!

  • Use this time to update your client information such as address, phone, email, and website.
  • Stay in touch with clients via social media, phone or email.
  • Provide clients with tips and ideas on how they can care for their hair, skin, and nails during this time.
  • Retail a products that will help maintain their color or curl - please refer to the MN Board of Cosmetology for guidance on this.Please note, you can not do this from your closed salon
  • Retail an exfoliant to help exfoliate their skin
  • Retail a treatment product for the cuticles or exfoliant for the feet
  • Create and promote pre-pay packages that clients can purchase now - Gift cards purchases online or via phone
  • Give them tricks and ideas to make their hair look thicker
  • Let clients know you are available to answer questions and help them. (Facetime or Zoom)
  • Work on your year’s promotional calendar Download April-June here
  • Create a “We Are Back” promotional piece
  • Up your game in customer service, think of what can you do?
  • Try a new product, face treatment, nail design, cut, color or hairstyle on yourself or family.
  • Research a new product or service to introduce to customers when you return to work.

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Young Blood and Plasma Transfusions

Young Blood and Plasma Transfusions

The FDA recently warned that plasma infusions from young people provides “no proven clinical benefit” against normal aging, Alzheimer’s disease, or a host of other diseases. 

Directors Gottlieb and Marks from the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research say young-blood transfusions can pose risks.

Most research thus far into young-blood transfusions has been conducted in mice. Some of the mouse studies have been encouraging, but other studies have been less encouraging. One biotech company is currently testing a plasma-derived product in Alzheimer’s patients; a previous study from the company yielded mixed results.

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Your Diet and Your Brain!

The way you feed your body affects your brain.

Evidence is starting to line up in favor of certain foods with the aim of reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our brain requires certain nutrients to function smoothly and biologically. One major study showed that a strict adherence to a diet known as the MIND diet reduces dementia risk by up to 53% for people ages 59 to 98.

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