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It's All in the Name


Someone told me that we should change the title of advanced practice esthetician to “Master Esthetician”. I wondered why master? The answer is, we would follow the terms used by colleges across the country for those who have completed a master's program. Because several other states use the term Master such as Washington State, Utah, and Virginia, that brought up another question what makes the name those states chose right? If we follow terms used at the college level, would our basic esthetics 600-hour certific progam be a Bachelor of Science in esthetics and the next level would be Master Esthetician? Interesting!

Then I thought, do people really believe they are master estheticians? I don’t think we ever master esthetics and I also believe Minnesota chose the correct name for our profession. Yes, Advanced Practice Esthetician fits our profession perfectly because we continually learn, grow, and practice. We do this by attending continuing education classes, workshops, events, reading articles, doing research and sharing our knowledge with others.

Look around! Our product lines change, formulas change, and there are new emerging ingredients. Equipment has changed and will continue to change. Just look at the technology behind the equipment we are using today. Machines that exfoliate and deliver specialized ingredients to the skin by using water, or our LED and Microneedling equipment which has grown and improved over the years.

As estheticians, we consistently practice by working with clients, working with new products and ingredients, bringing in new equipment, working with new procedures, and sharing knowledge. If we stop growing, learning, sharing, and practicing it’s time to get out of the business. I am proud of this profession and proud to call myself an Advanced Practice Esthetician. How about You?

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Does it seem like every time you look in the mirror your pores look bigger and there seems to be a new line or maybe even a wrinkle? Are you wondering, how did this happen overnight? How do I minimize those expanding pores, smooth those lines, and soften those wrinkles?

Even as an esthetician I look in the mirror and ask myself these questions, how about you?

If you do maybe it’s time to do a self-recheck and remind ourselves what causes pores to look larger, lines to appear, and wrinkles to show up. And just maybe, we should also take the time to do what I call a Reboot of our own home skin care program.

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