Your Immediate Action Required AGAIN!

Another attempt to deregulate cosmetology services is being considered in the Minnesota House TODAY! Please contact your local state representative and other key members now and voice your opposition to this ill-advised legislation that will seriously jeopardize the health and safety of all Minnesota consumers!

Legislative Bill: HOUSE FILE 2249
Bill Author: Representative Aisha Gomez (D-Minneapolis)

Bill Description: HF 2249 would completely deregulate eyelash extension services performed at any specialty eyelash salon offering this procedure. This includes not only at these salons and its managers, but also all technicians engaged in this activity anywhere.

Bill hearing: 9:45 AM, Thursday March 21 before the House Government Operations Committee, Basement Hearing Room - State Office Building.

As background, eyelash technicians petitioned the legislature three years ago seeking relief from the 1550-hour cosmetology instruction requirement for these practitioners who wished to only offer this specific service. SSPA and the State Board of Cosmetology agreed, and we worked with eyelash technician representatives on a mutually acceptable new law for eyelash extension services, which included a specialty licensing framework, that was enacted only two years ago.

The current law requires eyelash extension technicians outside of cosmetology to complete only 38-hours of educational training with a test for new practitioners. Existing eyelash technicians were able to be “grandfathered” by only testing out without the educational requirement. Any salon that only offered this service must be licensed like any other salon, as must any technician offering this service anywhere unless licensed as a cosmetologist or esthetician.

This existing law is a balanced approach with a proper educational training and test requirement and a necessary licensing component. This is in recognition of the inherent dangers posed to health, safety, and infection control concerns for all clients who seek these services.


SSPA strongly encourages you to join us and speak out in opposition to this legislation today! Please CALL key lawmakers with this sample message: (contact list follows)

My name is ____________ from __________. I am opposed to Representative Gomez's bill, HF 2249--the eyelash extension deregulation bill. This type of service must remain regulated to protect people. Do not put their health and safety in jeopardy like this! Untrained and unlicensed people and salons entrusted to apply glues and chemicals on eyelids near eyes? Absolutely not! An eyelash license only requires 38 hours of training and passing a test, which is NOT a burden NOR unreasonable for anyone offering this service. As a licensed practitioner myself, I am appalled at the consequences for the public if this law is repealed. My phone number is ________. Thank you.

Please contact the following lawmakers this week:
• Representative Aisha Gomez (bill author): 651-296-7152
• Representative Mike Freiberg (committee chair) 651-296-4176
• Representative Nick Zerwas (minority party lead) 651-296-4237

• Your personal state representative (visit to best determine this, click on “who is my representative” on the right side of page and follow prompts)

Thank you for your urgent attention to this request! The Salon and Spa Professional Association is the only voice at the capitol in Saint Paul that advocates on behalf of all cosmetology professionals. Your participation with government affairs requests is a critical component that greatly strengthens the advancement of our common interests with state lawmakers and agency officials.

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