We are a united voice for our industry and must advocate for our rights, and our regulatory standards to be maintained and strengthened. The industry’s future is in our hands, and by staying current and involved we can shape where the industry needs to be to thrive. SSPA lobbyists champion and influence decisions made by our government. We keep you informed, engaged, and most important, aware of the issues.

A recent national “PBA Alert to Take Action” concerning some recently proposed MN legislation begs for clarification from SSPA, your locally based in-state and on-the-ground professional association who is always involved, present, and engaged at our state capitol in Saint Paul.

Be assured, SSPA is aware and takes these recent bills cited by PBA seriously, but we also weigh them in proper context regarding any likelihood of their advancing at the capitol before we issue any similar alert that requests a call to act. PBA has traditionally coordinated their alerts in the past with any that we do. Last year’s deregulation legislation concerning make-up artistry and simply hairstyling serves a good example.

Bills like SF 691 and HF 554 calling to eliminate all state regulation of cosmetology (and barbering) and replacing it instead with an option for local governments to pursue is not a new legislation. It is yet another version of previous bills that we’ve seen from past sessions that never advance. They represent the mindset of a handful of lawmakers and certainly does not reflect the prevailing attitudes of our lawmakers as a whole, nor of the Walz administration. This also pertains to HF 266 (not HF 261 as reported by PBA) which seeks to deregulate all occupational licensing in Minnesota including cosmetology.

Identical bills SF 691 and HF 554, along with HF 266 are being monitored by SSPA nonetheless, and should we feel conditions warrant any “Call to Action” with our members, we will alert you along with the specific lawmakers to contact and talking points to use as we always do. SSPA respects your valuable time in these situations while balancing their most effective and timely messaging to the intended target.

In the meantime, we encourage you to regularly visit our webpage that includes and updates all cosmetology related legislation in the current session. This includes bills HF 343 as well as SF 354 that are separate from those mentioned by PBA in their recent alert. Thank you in advance for being fully aware and mindful of SSPA legislative advocacy on your behalf in Saint Paul!


The following introduced bills at the Minnesota Legislature are being tracked by SSPA in the current session. Visit the legislative website at either www.house.mn or www.senate.mn if you wish to view any bill’s full language and status. Use the link “bill search and status” provided at either site and then enter the file number of the bill you’re interested in. Contact SSPA should you have any questions!

Remember, when viewing a bill, any new language proposed in it will be underlined. Any existing language in statute proposed to be removed will be stricken. Any language in a bill that is neither underlined nor stricken is existing law that is not proposed to be changed

Bill File Number(s) Topic related to Cosmetology

House bills:
HF 266 (Mortenson) Repeals all state occupational licensing, including cosmetology(no companion SF bill)

HF 343 (Masin) Expands CE providers, other technical revisions to CE (no companion SF bill)

HF 554 (Bahr) Repeals all state cosmetology regulation, option for local control, SF 691 (Housley) SF 691 is the HF 554 companion bill in the Senate for cross reference

Senate bills:
SF 354 (Kiffmeyer) Requires four lawmakers be added to state board of cosmetology(no companion HF bill) 

SF 691 (Housley) Repeals all state cosmetology regulation, option for local control

HF 554 (Bahr) HF 554 is the SF 691 companion bill in the House for cross reference