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Live Excellence and Professionalism Every Day

Live Excellence and Professionalism Every Day

It has been one year since my friend and boss, Horst Rechelbacher, passed away. We took a chance working together for the first time in 1989 when he hired me to be his business assistant. That position lasted exactly one month when he asked me to step into his new adventure, the Aveda Esthetique, his signature retail shop.

365 products later, Aveda Esthetique, launched on Madison Avenue in New York. Horst once again changed the world of beauty. All of the products he created throughout his life changed the world of beauty over and over again. "Eco-chic" was his favorite catch phrase. He created the natural category in the beauty industry that carries into today.

Flash forward 26 years . . .

I have been trying to determine an appropriate way to honor my friend Horst. Horst loved the beauty industry and all licensed professionals. While we worked together at the Aveda Corporation, he always developed products and promotions with the licensed professional in mind.

I say we strive to achieve his standard of excellence and professionalism everyday; not just on the anniversary of his passing.

The level of professionalism he expected of himself and those around him is legendary in the industry is what put him in focus. He created the standard of putting his client first and worked to make their experience the best every time they sat in his chair.

As a licensed professional in the State of Minnesota, I try to live up to his level of professionalism. I suggest, as licensed professionals, we all should strive to achieve the level of excellence Horst lived every day of his life. I think he would like that.

Thanks Horst, I miss you every day

Deborah Otten is a Licensed Esthetician, Instructor, Salon Coach, Retail Expert, SSPA Health, Safety, Sanitation, Laws & Rules for Relicensure Trainer, Certified Competition Judge, college student and Beauty Blogger

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